It's Ondřej Vostal.

About me

I have been working as a part time programmer & linux administrator for seven years. My primary future cariere focus is mathematical statistics application in data mining, data collection and big data.

I'm able to use lots of standard and even many exotic UNIX (and of course GNU) utilities, which enables me to complete system administrative jobs and automation thereof quickly and brilliantly.

I wield many programming languages which again enables me to choose the right one for your task, which results in clean, short and expressive source code.

I always write complete and concise documentation. That is to your benefit, because you'll be able to understand my programs even after years pass.

Data science

Programing for data science

Data programing is specific in that it is not sometimes obvious that you are indeed constructing a complex program with multitude of entry points.

Since you need to have fast starts on some projects, you'd be spending a lot of time unentangling the parts to extracts components which could be reused nicely.

Behold: https://www.infoq.com/presentations/Simple-Made-Easy


During the years at school a number of seminal papers accumulated. You can use the included LaTeX sources to your benefit while learning LaTeX. If there is no Makefile to compile the document, try plain `latex' or `pdflatex'.

VSE studies

MFF studies


  • Higer-order bash (comming soon)
  • QWERTY programmers layout (comming soon)

University projects

High schol projects

Additional Navigation

https://www.ondrej.vostal.net/protected write me mail to get access

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